Monday, April 18, 2011

We're going to the about you?

It's school holidays here in Melbourne Australia, and the sun is shining, so we packed a picnic lunch yesterday and headed to our beautiful zoo...I LOVE the zoo, and have been wanting to go ever since the two little elephants were born. I wasn't disappointed...we caught them just while they were having a swim in their pool.

Aren't they wonderful? Apparently the females are very social and enjoy each other's company, while the males prefer to be on their own in another paddock...hmmm...sounds familiar...
I just love how Melbourne Zoo has created a whole village to replicate the elephants' really is beautiful...

I also adore the Butterfly House...check out the gorgeous mosaic entrance...I love this fairyland.
And no trip to the zoo is complete without visiting these guys...the gorillas fascinate me. What do you think he's thinking? He was so funny...he let us watch him for a while, then he chose to go and sit behind a tree..."right, that's it, you've gawked at me long enough...get lost"
Monkeying around...sorry...
The girls checking out the giraffes...


  1. What a wondeful trip you all went on. It looks like everyone had fun.

  2. Oh I loved that baby elephant, so sweet! My mom loves giraffe's that HUGE ape looks like a guy I use to date LMAO!!!
    thank you for sharing your day with us!
    Love and Light

  3. what a gorgeous day - we r hoping to take our baby girl to sydney zoo soon....can't wait (& now that i think of it, one of my hubby's & my first dates was at the zoo!!)- love the rainforest lore sign - thanks for visiting my blog xxx

  4. See the beautiful monarch brought back many memories ... when I was a wee girl, growing up in rural Minnesota, that species was vastly prevalent. I was fascinated by them, thinking they were colorful fairies sent from the heavens as playmates. I would spend hours out under the apple trees, in fiends of clover, and amidst the violets, chasing my stained glass friends. ~ Thank you, for giving me the opportunity to recall a childhood favorite!

    Have you ever noticed, when looking into an elephant's eye, how much emotion is expressed in that giant orb?

    It appears you all enjoyed a wonderful day! Thank you for sharing! :)))

  5. What fantastic photos! Thank you for sharing. I love being around animals of all kinds. Looks like you all enjoyed a wonderful day! :) Theresa

  6. Oh... those baby elephants are adorable!!! I love the Spring when so many new babies are being born... we saw a Field full of Baby Lambs this week, it is just perfect to see a Field full of newborn Lambs at Eastertime. Your Girls are both so pretty and growing into lovely young Women.

    Easter Blessings from the AZ Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  7. Yay!!!Awesome!!...where have I been to miss this fabulous fun spirited post?! Thanks for sharing your adventures...gorgeous fun pictures of you all..I am smiling..thanks for adding joy to my heart today!


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