Friday, April 08, 2011

Questions and Answers...

(Me on the front porch circa about 1970)

While browsing through some wonderful blogs recently, I came across this little questionnaire, so thought it might be fun to share here...I would love to hear what answers you would all give...

1. You are constantly seeking....that ever elusive happiness and the answers to all of life's big questions

2. You have a closet full of...op shop finds.

3. You never, this is a tough one - I think I've tried everything, although I've never worn leather pants....I did have a white leather skirt and bodice with a matching fringed jacket made for my 21st - ha ha! I know, you're all jealous (Oh my God, what was I thinking?)

(Must have been too hot for the jacket...did I mention it had cowhide on it as well? Ha ha...this is taken at my 21st party which had a white theme - so cool - we had special lights so everyone glowed in the dark...except me! No-one told me leather doesn't glow...the white stitching did though....)

4. Pants or skirts? I'd love to say skirts exclusively, but the fact is I love my stretchy pants and leg-ins at home on the couch and to slop around in. But I wear loads of skirts - it's the girly girl in me!

5. Flowers or chocolate? Chocolate is lovely of course, but I cannot live without flowers - they feed me more.

6. Movies or music? Life would not be worth living without both! I adore watching movies, but music has always been a passion of you know I learnt the organ and the flute when I was younger? (Not terribly good at either, he hee)...and I would really like to learn to play the harp...we had one playing at our wedding...ooh, and I am always singing. Really....always!

7. Romance or drama? Well, being the drama queen that I am, I shall choose that one, although a good romance is always enjoyable...I loved drama at school, and performed on stage several times - I have a passion for acting...something I want to pursue again...have I told you my auntie is an amazing actress?

(Me circa 1984 - The Wizard of Oz)

8. Pop or rock? Are you kidding me? I love all kinds of music, but I do love to rock out to rock'n'roll!

9. Summer or winter? Hmmm....I was always a summer person, but as I, ahem, get more mature, I can't handle the heat like I once did...and besides, where I live in Melbourne Australia, we have very distinct seasons, and I enjoy each one for all that they offer...I love to curl up beside an open fire with a nice glass of red much as I love to swim in the ocean in summer.

10. You never leave the house camera, of course...since beginning this little blog, I see everything through 'blog eyes''s a wonderful way to be mindful and aware.

11. You always have in your little sketchbook for doodling in and inspiration when it strikes.

12. Breakfast girl or dinner girl? Well, I love eating out any time of the day! But I think there is something quite decadent about taking yourself out for breakfast...eggs benedict is my fave!

13. Best dinner? Well, that's that is shared by friends. I LOVE good food (and wine)

14. I enjoy...authenticity in people, good conversation, big belly laughs with my friends...ooh, and red wine!

15. I buy a lot of....books and magazines! Can't get enough of 'em...I am an avid reader and you will often find me with my head in a book...books have always been a source of escapism for me - I could not live without them...

16. I have a thing for...boys who can play guitar and serenade me with their songs...ahhh, see, I am a romantic after all...

17. A pleasure...meeting kindred souls - like all of you wonderful people who bring me such joy with your support, encouragement and friendship - I'm giving you all a big hug!

18. A travel this beautiful globe, and to meet as many of you as I can on my cool would that be?

19. A wish....happiness and good health for my family and friends...

20. Couldn't live girls - what on earth would I do without them...they are growing into such beautiful, spirited women - I am so proud of them both.

(These two are still cracking me up...)

21. If you could turn back time you would be...a singer in a sultry jazz club, wearing divine frocks and feathers in my hair....ok, maybe that should have been the answer to number 18? I really always wanted to be a school teacher...I used to line up all my toys and play schools for hours!

22. Describe your style in a few words...individual, bohemian, eclectic, artful... although I am governed day to day by my moods.

23. Describe yourself in a few words...complex, spiritual, loving, loyal, layered, passionate, fiery, sensitive, flawed, with a wicked sense of humour...

24. Do you believe in love at first sight?  Ahhhh, I would like to think I do...

25. What does your name mean? I don't know if I have shared this before, but I was named after my mother, Bettina...but I have only ever been Tina - the Italian version of Bettina means "blessed" or "my God is plentiful" - I kinda like that.

(Mum and I circa 2010)

26. Favourite word...Journey, and man, it has been an amazing one...I still have a long road ahead. There have been many twists and turns in my road, but that's what makes life interesting, right?

So, that was so much fun! Did you make it to the end, or did you start snoring half way through? I don't know about you, but I love to get to know someone through their blog.  I hope you all know me a little bit better. Why don't you have a go at answering these too - I would love to read them....

(Newspaper article for our school play...Wendy Rule is Dorothy to my Glinda)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone...ooh, I'm all nostalgic now....


  1. This post was so much fun!!! It was wonderful to learn a little more about you here. And what wonderful photographs - I adore that sassy little photo of you as a child. And in photo #7 - you look exactly like someone I went to school with. Hope you are enjoying the weekend! Theresa

  2. Hope you are feeling better!
    Loved this post, it was so much fun reading all about you! Love the picture of the girls when they were little, i keep saying I am going to do a post about my boys and once I move and hook the scanner up again I think I will. they are 19 and 21 now and I miss my little boys lol
    Light and Love!!

  3. I loved this!!!!!
    you and and you mum are just gorgeous!
    thanks for sharing:)

  4. Dear Tina, how could you think we would fall asleep, this post was fascinating, i do so love your blog it is an oasis of peace & happiness, thank you sweetie x x

  5. Yay!! Ciao My Bella Bettina!! I adore that name..and it's meaning..and love all Italian names being Italian myself!! How gorgeous! I loved reading about you...we are so are such a beautiful soul and have such a shining heart! I loved ALL the photos of you..gorgeous soul..and your cool! Shine on Kindred..thanks for this beautiful post!

  6. Oh how we loved those 80s fashions... and perms...

    Great read. I was in a production of the Wizard of Oz too - when I was 16. I didn't have quite the starring role... I was a farmer, munchkin, woodlander, soldier and crow... - I was in the dancing chorus. The crow costume in particular was one you would never want to see a picture of... unfortunately it's on video

  7. Thank you for letting us take a fun look inside your soul...and visit your past! Tina, you are a true and rare ooak!!

  8. hola , your blog is really great!!! I´ve been following you for some time but now I needed to left you a comment for you to know how much I enjoy it!!!
    hugs from Chile

  9. Hi Tina
    Such a neat idea for a post and fun to see your old photos. From your words to describe yourself you sound like a Scorpio but I could be way off!
    The meaning of your name is beautiful and so are you
    Kat x

  10. this was so fun to read! I love the questions..might have to do this too and link up to you! xo nat

  11. Love this Tina and the pic of you on the front porch really says it all lol I had to laugh at the 21st photo - only because I also wore a white strapless dress on my 21st - but no, not cowhide :-) As always everything you write is just lovely to read, I think I might just do that questionaire myself xx


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