Friday, August 27, 2010

Sew much fun...

Happy Friday everyone! I have still been managing to escape to my new craftroom to do some sewing - oh man, I love just going in there when the urge more unpacking the sewing machine and setting it all up - gotta love that. Anyway, here's the little slip I finished embellishing. I used one of my vintage images printed onto transfer paper and then ironed onto calico...I sewed this onto my dyed slip and added a trim and some pretty roses - voila! It's still freezing here so I am showing you with a pair of jeans and a pink cardigan I snaffled for $2 from the op shop - bargain! And check out my rosemary...covered in pretty blue flowers. I love coming down here and picking some to throw in with my slow cooker lamb - just perfect for these cold nights.

Can you see the kid's tree-house they made when we first moved here? It's kind of falling down now...

I took mum out for lunch today...thankyou all for your kind wishes - she is feeling much better. I know we probably shouldn't have, but we shared this quince and frangipane tart - yummy!

It's incredible really...since doing my Art Therapy course I feel like I have been kick-started and the creative ideas are flowing again. I was stagnant for a long time, but now I even lie awake at night thinking of what I may create's a good feeling. I don't know, but I think maybe I lost myself for a while feels good to be coming out of the fog.

Sometimes I question why I am even sharing this stuff, but it's weird...I just really enjoy taking photos and expressing myself here. It seems so overwhelming at times - there are so many blogs out there, and it's a very dangerous thing sometimes to compare what everyone else is doing. But then I remind myself that this is my little corner, to post about whatever I like...people can choose to read it or not, and that's perfectly ok. And if they don't like it, well that's ok too.

Hmmmm, sorry guys, got a bit deep and meaningful there - I tend to do that a times...oh, to be a dog and just exist in the 'now'. (Pip meditating below). I hope everyone has a magical weekend x


  1. The slip turn out great, and I like all your pictures. I glad you shared your thoughts, it's good to know that someone else out there feel like I do about blogging and art.

  2. Yay..i love that you share,,,and i so appreciate everythiing you are and ...everything you do and create... and all your inner journeys you share!! Marvelous! Glad your mom is ok..and you look oh so FAB-u-lous ..lovely! you are so creative! Shine on! Beautiful!

  3. I'm SO glad you share your little blog corner with us! I love coming over here and hanging out in your magical enchanting space. I would miss it very much if you weren't here. It's hard sometimes not to compare ourselves to's why it took me so long to start a blog of my own....but I like having the creative outlet.

  4. happy sewing!
    oh how i miss my
    studio :o(

    keep creating!
    L.O.V.E. the new
    banner ~j.

  5. I completely understand what you mean about sharing with the blog world. I am new to this wonderful creative medium and am also feeling a bit odd at times sitting at my desk writing about my life to people I have never met. However I know I absolutely adore it!! I have been following your blog for quite some time as well as others that span the globe and it gives me such a fulfilled feeling to know that there are other dear souls out there with the same sensibilities as me. I have always felt very different from the people around me to the point of questioning myself at times about my eccentricities (the need to create art, play with fantasy, collect all my treasures, etc, etc). Through blogging I have found my community and instead of thinking I am odd I now know that we are all truly gifted, lovely, creative people! Thank you so much for sharing... I am one of those people out there that reads your blog constantly and takes great enjoyment and comfort from it! Please carry on and never feel self conscious.
    A sister in blog land
    Tricia Foutaine,!

  6. oh I do love your slip you embellished, really like it with the jeans actually. Where is this winery you mentioned earlier, it does sound intriguing? Dogs sure do know how to relax, love that photo!

  7. Gorgeous girls, I want to thank each and every one of you for your beautiful words...they do mean a lot to me. Tricia,'s so lovely to meet you. I relate to everything you wrote and just want to say thankyou from the bottom of my heart for sharing. Alicia - glad you could pop in! The winery my sister and I went to is Kangaroo Ground, which is a drive through Warrandyte.

  8. not only are you beautiful but I love all you swet pictures.. love the cupcake in the teacup! xoxo Laura


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