Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Creative Space and some cushions

So after much nagging and getting sick of having to lug out all my craft supplies every time the creative urge grabbed me, I have finally set aside a (small) area where I can create to my heart's content. Ian went and bought me a trestle table (ok, so it's not the quirky little number I had in mind, but it certainly serves it's purpose...

I have taken a photo of this little area as it looks I don't suppose they'll be contacting me to feature in the next "Where Women Create"...oh well, it's a start. This is a spare bedroom in my house which I have visions of turning into my own little creative sanctuary...a place to play and escape the world for a while.

I have managed to get a bit of sewing done, and have created a couple of cushions. It took me ages to work out that the easiest way to get the vintage images onto fabric was to buy some transfer paper which can be printed on. It works a treat, and now the ideas are beginning to flow.
On my sewing table, you may be able to glimpse a dyed slip which I am endeavouring to embellish with an image, some flowers and trim...pretty. I bought some calico to print the images on, but I am trying to recycle a lot of the fabric from old clothes from the op shops. It's part of the challenge to find suitable material. Old velvet dressing gowns are good.

Pip and I playing in the fabric scraps...isn't she getting big? They told me she was a Toy Cavoodle! I don't think so! Anyway, I embellished this little black singlet with a sweet carousel horse.

So I am hoping to add an easel in here so I can do some more painting, and when I have decorated some more, I shall share some's a work in progress people...a bit like myself!


  1. wow...looks good...and like having much fun...

  2. Hey girl,
    The new layout looks awesome. I love it.
    I also am in love with the cushions, especially the cream one. It is devine. You have inspired me to make some new pillow cushions for my bedroom. I love the transfers.
    Pip is growing up. We like to play in all the fabric around here as well.
    Come on over if you have time and join in the Spooky Mondays I am hosting until the end of November. It can be anything spooky, fallish, halloween, creepy, orange, just for fun, to get the holidays going.
    You could even throw some of your Tim Burton in...I know you love him.
    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Hugs and Wishes,
    Your friend in Wonderland

  3. I love your pillows! It's so strange because I was just looking at a site last night and thinking about making some Gypsy Pillows! I really like your new blog layout too.....and the music......yay!

  4. Love your pillows.. You are very creative.. glad we connected.... thanks for stopping by. xoox Laura

  5. your gaggle of cushions are so over the top divine...singing and

  6. What a great new header you have on your blog sweetie!
    I've always wanted to put photos on cushions. Did you print onto fabric? They're fab! Kat x

  7. Hey girls...thanks for stopping by! Celia, that's called serendipity and it means you are meant to make some gypsy cushions! Laura, I'm so glad we connected too - I love that about this little blogworld...Kat, thanks for your sweet comments - the images were printed off the computer onto t-shirt transfer paper and then ironed onto calico - simple! Joe, so lovely you could pop in...Wendy, I always love your visits, and Jo, I just popped over to your other little world - it's divine, as you would say x

  8. Me thinks your little creative corner is most definitely bringing out the creative in you! I love the pillows! Isn't it wonderful to have a place to sew where you needn't put the machine away or pull it out. Creativity must flow! It's always a good thing to start at the beginning.
    **kisskiss** Deb


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