Monday, August 30, 2010

A Birthday Delight

Yesterday my little girl turned 17...we celebrated with her very favourite people and feasted on party food - mini burgers, homemade pizza, chicken drummies and party pies...oooh, and of course ice-cream cake.

There were violet fairy cakes fit for a fairy princess...

After our splendiferous feast, we watched old home movies when she was very young...we laughed until we cried, and got a little melancholy as well...I know it's a cliche' but time really does fly.

I am teaching her to drive now, and she drives to school every day. Before long, she will be finished high school and out into the big wide world. I am so proud of her and honoured to be her mother. I won't hasn't always been rainbows and unicorns, but she has blossomed into a wonderful, caring soul, who I am happy to call friend as well as daughter.

My wish for her is that she stays true to herself, lives her life abundantly, and finds magic in the everyday...Happy Birthday my darling Georgia - I love you to the moon and back xxx

Did I mention we love ice-cream cake?


  1. Congratulations to the sweet birthday girl..what fun...I love that sweet cake in a teacup...adorable.!!!! xoxoxo

  2. Yay..Congrats! Happy Birthday!What a wonderful beautiful post!

  3. Happy Birthday to your little girl!! I know all about time oldest just got married....and I remember walking down the hall to take her to her first day of school!! Then my youngest starts 4th grade!! It just doesn't seem possible....does it?? Time really does fly...and sometimes way too fast! And I love ice cream cake's what I always have for my birthday cake....YUM!!

  4. Just a quick hello before I leave again. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl (I agree, time does fly) When I return I will catch up on the other lovely posts I've missed. Have a wonderful weekend XO (LOVE that photo!)

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  6. Happy Birthday Georgia!
    You have a beautiful daughter. It is lovely that you both have such a close bond with each other.
    Thank you for visiting me and leading me here to share in your families celebration. :-)

    Many Fairy Blessings and Good Wishes!
    Jo. xx

  7. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! Yes, time does fly. It seems like only yesterday that my daughter was that age.

  8. Happy Birthday Georgia,

    What a Wonderfully Magical Celebration. Hope your day is full of whimsy and sprinkles of fairy magic.

    And eat a piece of ice cream cake for me.
    Wendy from wonderland

  9. ♫♪♫ Happy Happy Birthday, Georgia ♫♪♫
    What a beautiful kind of you to pass on your beauty genes! Lovely job on the photo of The Birthday Girl, and the cupcake in the teacup is such an adorable idea. Yes, yes, we must always seek the magic in life! **kisskiss** Deb


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