Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Tea Party Unplugged...

First of all, I'd like to thank each and every one of you for all your lovely much fun was this? And can I just begin by saying that 'nothing is ever as it seems'. Firstly, the donut machine burnt all the donuts, so Abby had to make pancakes with the mixture instead...

All Georgia's friends arrived 2 hours early and said "we're hungry", so Ian had to go get them McDonalds for lunch! Girls, where are your party frocks and hats? "Will this do?" Ok, pyjamas and messy hair is fine.

Then my sister (we look alike, don't we?) and my niece arrived...

But we did so enjoy ourselves...much tea and laughter...(the McDonalds certainly didn't spoil their appetites!) I love teenage girl energy!

Not quite sure what was in the tea though....

Enough with the photos, already!

On a more serious note, I was so sorry to hear of Vanessa's loss of her beloved furbaby. My heart aches for her, for as I've shared here before, I lost my little Bobby dog in January, and it hurts so very much. When he went over the Rainbow Bridge, a dear friend told me about a wonderful book by Eckhart Tolle called 'Guardians of Being'. It's a lovely book full of spiritual teaching.

'Just watching an animal closely can take you out of your mind and bring you into the present moment, which is where the animal lives all the time - surrendered to life.'

'The human says "I love myself" or "I hate myself." The dog says "woof, woof," which translated, means


I call that integrity - being one with yourself.'

'What is it that so many people find enchanting in animals? Their essence - THEIR BEING - is not covered by the mind, as it is in most humans.

And whenever you feel that essence in another, you also feel it in yourself.'

'Every being is a spark of the Divine or God. Look into the eyes of the dog and sense that innermost core.'

Again, I thankyou all for was so lovely to meet new friends, and I do hope you will return for a visit soon - we are all most definitely mad here!


  1. What a fun..magical a wonderfully charming post...looks like such a good time..yay! Always a treat to visit your magical corner of the universe! and lovely words about true!

  2. I too lost my both of my doggies.....within a week of each other.....the pain is very deep.....and I now a new puppy that is healing my heart.

    I great fun visiting all of the tea parties.....and it was a great joy finding your magical blog....I will be back often!

  3. It looks like everyone had such a great time at your party. How fun to see the behind the scenes. I'm also deeply saddened by Vanessa's loss. I lost my little kitty fur baby last December and it brought back all those sad memories. Thanks for sharing the passage from the Eckhart Tole book. Truly touching.

  4. thank you so for following my faerietale of inspiration, as soon as i visited here your blog banner caught my attention, and i knew i would find lots of loveliness here, beautiful blog! and i loved the t-party !

  5. There is a lot of joy and good times in your life, that's why I love coming here! XO

  6. I LOVE this post... the post the photos every thing!!!!
    : ) Pattee


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