Thursday, June 10, 2010

Angelwings and doilies...

Well thank goodness the computer is working again! I missed my bloggy happy to be back, and guess what? I have been finding time to make art and it feels great! Now you and I know that sometimes life isn't all sugar and spice...sometimes I really do want to run away and join the circus! Teenagers (especially of the girl variety) can be really hard work! How can I possibly have all the answers when I am still working it out for myself? Won't bore you with all the details, suffice to say that I have definitely been nurturing my inner child lately...

The girls picked this lovely up off hard rubbish ages ago, (they have a habit of dragging stuff home, much to hubby's disgust!) and she has been hanging around waiting for some inspiration to, who knew glue guns and old doilies could be so much fun! She was going to be a colourful fairy, but as I began embellishing, she really needed to look like this - I love her...who knows, one day she may get a makeover, but for now she is angelic and serene.

I have told you before of darling Jo at Well, her blog has been such an inspiration to me for a very long time - her photos have such an olde worlde charm about them, so I created this little canvas the day Sarah came over for a crafternoon - I love it because it's whimsical and fun, exactly like Jo. Georgia was home from school that day, and she started snapping photos of us 'creating'.

I wanted to show you these darling millinery flowers I got yesterday - I have an adorable little shop nearby which has all second hand clothing and shoes, and the gorgeous girl who own the shop has decorated it so beautifully - she always has little treasures for is called 'The Red Parasol' - isn't that just the most charming name? Anyway, I popped them in this little vase I got the other day at the op shop for $2. You should have seen Georgia's face when she saw it - priceless! She told me it was awful, but I couldn't resist....

I hope everyone is having a magical Friday...we have a long weekend so we are off to our little gypsy house down the beach...I will try to take some photos to show you. Pip will be coming with us in the car - I have to tell you she is just so adorable, but growing up so fast! The girls just love her (except when she's biting!) I am afraid I am spoiling her rotten - she is nestled in my lap fast asleep as I type. There's something incredibly comforting about the warmth of a puppy in your lap, doncha think? Here she is posing with my niece, Brittany - too cute, both of them!

This last pic was taken last week out my's so cold here now. I just love the colours in this Japanese Maple tree, but this week, the leaves are almost all gone - winter is here with a vengeance.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and remember to look all around for the magic x


  1. Yay..welcome back! What a delightful inpsiring post...i loove what you created with the angelwings-being..divine!!I love this last shot too..that aweseo chair..gorgeous!! beautiful always! thankyou for your sweet words too!
    Yay..the carousel is back ..we can all dream with you again....hooray!Have a magical wkd!

  2. It so good to have you back! You've created something so awesome with those doilies and wings! I love it and everything else as well. I know what you mean about teen girls, I had only one and quite frankly, she wasnt too hard to handle but...there were days...just keep creating, that's what saved me and my sanity :0) It will be fine, you'll see :0) Love the view from your window, winter can bring such peace and serenity, nothing like summer when everything is a riot of heat and color. Well my dear, hope you have a great time. Great to have you back! XO

  3. sometimes id just love to dress up and run away with the circus..and how much fun would it be-i so love pink fairy floss...and in all my girls life-im still only a girl. i don't think Ive ever really inspired any one hands so over my heart your words are so beautiful..thank you darling friend who lives in Melbourne town..we must catch up.

  4. I adore you three girls! Always a pleasure when you visit...and Jo, I would love to catch up soon and eat lilac fairy cakes with you x (wish you didn't live so far away Kiki and Alina - imagine the tea party we could have!)


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