Monday, June 21, 2010

Time for a Tea Party

Oh hello and welcome! Before we sit down to tea, I have some flowers for the lovely Miss Vanessa of who so graciously decided to host such a splendiferous affair!

Since deciding to participate in the Mad Tea Party, Pip and I have been perusing cookbooks, so we could serve you a most delicious feast...

So, won't you take my hand and come with me on a Carousel adventure...I'm sure the tea party can't be too far away...just down this little path....

Ooh! It must be nearby...

What have we here? Ooh, Pip, how did you get through the looking glass? Wait for me!

Aha! This looks like the place!

Which cup would you like to choose? I've been collecting them for quite a while now...

This one is my favourite!

Little Pip, you do look adorable in your party clothes!

Miss Abby! I'm so glad you could make it! You look simply gorgeous!
And the Fairy Queen is here too! She is sure to sprinkle her magic about!

These fairies are ready to party!

The table is set...won't you sit down?

Would you care for some Honey Joys?

White Chocolate Cupcake perhaps?

How about some chocolate brownies?

Miss Abby, how's your tea? Would you like a ginger biscuit?

Simply delightful...should do it more often, really....

Ooh, these look delicious! And a little carousel horse on top! How sweet...

Every Christmas morning, I would find coloured popcorn in my stocking...always a treat! Go on...have a taste!

Perhaps a biscuit is more to your liking?

I've just popped the sausage rolls in the oven...would you like a little zucchini muffin while you wait?

It's been such a lovely afternoon...the sun is beginning to set. Please don't leave yet...I can light some candles, and you can stay a bit longer can't you? We've got so much to talk about!

I'm so full! Everything looks twice as lovely by candlelight.
It's been such a pleasure to have you all here today. I do hope you enjoyed yourself...please come back to visit's always a treat to meet new friends and share a cup of tea.

Goodbye! I'm off to visit everyone else's tea party - what fun!


  1. Yay...what a Fabulous all look so dazzling and sparkling with Fairy Power! Sweet little puppy. ..oh so charming! I wish i was at you party..yet i feel like i was..thankyou that was super magical...everything looks so beautiful...the sweets divine....i loved the magical journey you just took me i wish we were neighbours..! Gorgeous post!!


    PS: now if only you,me and Alina..coould have our shops all in row and live in the same neighbourhood..we would never sleep with all that magic bewteen us!!

    Cheers this was a super brilliant post..i especially loved the trees decorated and all the whimsical energy everywhere! You made a magical start to my day! yay!

  2. Thank you for such a wonderful tea!
    I did so enjoy hanging out for a spot of tea with you, miss Abby, pip and of course the fairies.
    I enjoyed the ginger biscuits so much, I hope I didn't over stay my welcome but I just didn't want to leave. Thank you for lighting the candles to see me home. Looking forward to the next tea party soon. :) k

  3. What a delightful afternoon and evening you have laid out for us! I loved it all..your beautiful girls..little Pip all dressed up..and the food..oh, the food. I longed to reach in and grab a sweet or two. Thank you so much for having me over. I'm quite sure this will be one of the highlights of the party. I will come back and visit again...


  4. What a wonderful, magical party. Thank you for having me. I felt so welcome, it was lovely!

  5. you and your beautiful girl are sweet divine...little pip is so cute...your home is so warm and full of love.....just beautiful....singing and

  6. Bravo!bravo!bravo!!!!!!!!!the dolls are all clapping their hands!
    They asked if they could adopt the puppy...had to say no...

  7. Oh, this is so lovely!
    You are such a beautiful person, I adore everything about this idea :)
    The looking glass is my favourite ♥

  8. ~*~*~*Hip hip hurray it's Tea Party Day!*~*~*~

    Teacups from the trees, how delightful! Ooooo I spy brownies, yum-o! The tea was delicious!

    Thanks for having me at your tea party! if you haven't been already, you're cordially invited to my mad tea party! Have yourself a mad sort of day! :)

  9. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, I absolutely adore the teacup tree decorations :)xx

  10. Wonderful!!! And you have a carousel horse indoors?! Jealous!
    ♥ Alice Maria-Thérèse Afiori in a Swedish wonderland <a href="" rel="></a> ♥

  11. Your photos are really nice and those treats just look great!

  12. It looks like you had so much fun. What lovely things you do have for making a most magical tea party.

    Follow your heart and join me as we go to the Forest of Wishes. I have party gifts waiting for everyone!

    {{soul hugs}}
    Kathryn, Collage Diva

  13. What a fun party, loved the hanging teacups!! :) Pip is too cute! Thank you for sharing your lovely party ~Lauren

  14. Everything and everyone is so cute and festive, and PIP! OH, PIP! What a cutie pie. I am a HUGE dog lover, and Pip just stole my heart at first glance. Loved your tea party! I hope you'll come visit me at mine. I "borrowed" a cute little dog. ;-)

    Happy Tea Partying...


    Sheila :-)

  15. Lovely party and oh that Pip!!! Thank you for such lovely treats and my apologies for moving on, but there are so many parties to attend! Thank you for being such a wonderful hostess!!

  16. What en enchanting visual feast of a Tea Party you've laid out. So charming. And I must admit that I'm a wee bit envious of your darling tea cup collection.

    Thank you for sharing your Muchness!


  17. I have no idea what Honey Joys are but oh my - they look tasty...all of it does and your table is so pretty.

    Thanks for letting me share in your special tea party! If you haven't already feel free to drop by my gathering.
    ~ Misha/DawaiOser <3

  18. what a fabulous party! so glad I stopped by!
    and the look on Lil pip's face is *priceless*!! such lovely party clothes!

    Have a madly spectacular day!

  19. OMG, what an adorable party, it kept getting better and better as I scrolled down. Your LIL Pip has to be the cutest dog ever, and your party looked wonderful.

    Happy Mad Tea Party,


  20. What a FAB tea party! I do so thank you for the invitation. If you have not made your way already, I do hope that you shall come and visit with me, as you join the White Queen and Mad Hatter for some cake ~ and tea
    ...Theresa (aka The White Queen)

  21. I love little Pip
    I love the shoes (your banner photo)
    I love the cakes and cookies
    I love the tea cups
    I love the carousel horse
    and I loved your party post!!! Toot toot. first class :O)

  22. You sparkle. So many lovely images made this visit a pleasure. When time allows stop by my neck of the woods for a visit.

  23. How simply delicious! This is a wonderful tea party and I am glad I was invited! Pretty dresses all lit up and lovely treats to munch on... I loved the tea cups in the trees and the picture frame of the tree on the tree... Like a looking glass... simply mad!

  24. I loved the hanging teacups! Thanks for all the eye candy! It was so fun visiting!

  25. Your place is, indeed, double lovely by candlelight...and little adorable pup :)

    Thanks you for your hospitality. I had a wonderful time!

  26. My, oh my, I really did fall down a hole and ended up in a most magical land! How enchanting are the woods with teacups hanging in the air? And that adorable Pip, may he come home with me?

    Thank you so much for inviting me! I had a splendid time! I would love to come back and visit again!


  27. Happy Tea Party to you and you and you!!! I love the teacups hanging on ribbons from the tree that is so beautiful. And who doesn't love a cute puppy in costume. Ha ha

  28. Thanks for inviting me to a wonderful adventure and such fantastic delights! My tummy is so full and the tea was delicious. I'm off to more madness--have a wonderful day!

  29. Great Party!! Thanks for having me over! Pictures are fab!!

  30. I was terribly late for your party. Sorry, sorry..... but I'm here now! Thanks for waiting, I wouldn't wanna miss YOUR tea party!!! If you care for some more tea, you're very welcome at my place!

  31. What a VERY lovely tea indeed! I wish I could really come and share it. Please come and visit my party, if you haven't already. I'm so confused with all the names, but isn't this such fun? Charles Dodgson would approve, I'm sure, if he could be here too!

  32. What a beautiful tea party....and your goodies look delicious! And I love love love your colorful stockings!!! Thank you for inviting me. Please come by and have tea with me too....

  33. I have become a follower....and I wanted to ask you what are Honey Joys? What is the recipe? They sound and look good....

  34. LOVE your house. All those beautiful windows letting in light! and that black and white and yellow! and oh, oh, a carousel horse! EEK! Swoonylicious! Quick pass me a zucchini muffin afore i pass out@

    Loved this tea party and yes Little Pip (and human counterparts) looked Splendid!!

    Hope you have a zany madcap merry week!
    XOXO Rhonda Roo

  35. This was fabulous - thanx for inviting us! I love the leg shots, the stripes, the swirls! I love the candle light red photography, enchanting! Yummmy! Won't you join us for tea at our
    Mad Tea Party - Fairy Tale

  36. What magical party.

  37. Oh everything looks so very tasty and beautiful! I wish I could stay forever, but the fairies are waiting for me...

    Do stop over to our tea party if you have a moment; the fairies & I will be waiting... ^-^

  38. Hey Beautiful Tina,

    OOOOOOHHHHHHH. It was so much fun at your party. I finally made it. I feel as if I have been up for days straight tea partying. I am so glad you were able to stop by. I hope you got to see the Futterwacken and fireworks. Your party was absolutely wonderfully mad. All the fairies looked enchanting and Pip is a sight to behold in all her tea party attire. I love your outfit as well. Soooo cute. I had such a blast, and oh my goodness the treats were Scrumdiliumptious. What a wonderfully mad time. I tried to download the Google follow button. It is called the member button when using on typepad. But I finally got it. I hope that makes it easier for people to follow. Those button things drive me bonkers, ( oh wait I was already that way, wasn't I)
    Have a wonderfully Mad and Curious Day..... Luvs, Wendy from Wonderland

  39. What an enchanting party, and Pip is just adorable!! Love, love, LOVE the hanging teacups, and think I must try that some time!!

    ~ Carolee

  40. A lavish do!! What fun!! Delicious and delightful I am still coveting your dangling crockery and your dog ;)

    Thank you for attending mine too :)

    P.s. I love your header.

  41. I've had such a lovely time at your party! Thank you so much! The food was delectible and I loved the hanging tea cups down the path!

  42. Love the party!!! love the black and ivory look and the teacups and the food lol. everything looks fabulous!!! hugs JoAnn S

  43. I'm still making my tea party rounds; so glad I stopped by. I just loved your party - everything was so cute and colorful and delicious, and your little dog is too adorable! Thanks for visiting.

  44. Wow, what a magical tea party - thank you for the invite! Little Pip is so adorable :)
    ~ Pam

  45. Wow, What a fabulous , colorful, joyful Tea Party ! And all those luscious treats , I would love to join in !

  46. Fantastic! Thank you for having me to tea, Miss. And thanks for your own visit, too, and your sweet words!
    Say, what a great ALL DAY ALL NIGHT party. Loved the stacks of teacups and the pup is just too cute!
    Those lovely photos of the faerie lights a-twinkling in the dark were so magical.

  47. I'm sorry I'm late! My MIL's memorial was on the date of the party, so I'm now just getting my wits together to visit all the festivities!

    Thank you for a hosting a beautiful party! Everything is so magical!

    ~ Michelle

  48. Beautiful photos of a terrific spread (food looks marvelous)! I also loved the mirror in the woods and your little dressed-up Pip. Thanks for visiting the Fürsts!

  49. Oh my goodness! What a delicious tea party! I had such a wonderful time enjoying your yummy treats and seeing such whimsy and magic. And your Little Pip is simply adorable. I also enjoyed your art work and I have to say we seem to have the same great taste for fabulous legwear! Thanks so much for visiting and inviting me to your wonderland tea!

  50. Delightful party!
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  51. Oh wow! What an enchanting tea party! I love the hanging teacups! Such lovely pictures! Thanks for having me! :)

  52. Oh what a wonderful time I have had at your tea party! Everything was so tasty and a feast for the eyes as well. And Pip is absolutely adorable!!
    Thanks for having me!! And thanks for visiting mine as well. Glad you could come

  53. What a a wonderful mad tea party post!

    I love it!


  54. Your party is absolutely delightful!

  55. This was fun!

    I especially like the teacups dangling from ribbons. OH---and the lovely dresses! I have a few dresser dummies I'm always changing outfits on.

    Hey---how did you make the carousel horse on the tasty treats? It looked great.

  56. Clink clink our teacups in a wonderful celebration!!


    Kay Ellen

  57. What a fabulous tea party! Sorry I'm late, but I enjoyed all the sweets, especially the butterfly cookies. Love the stockings, and the hats. Miss Pip is precious. What kind of doggie is she? Golden Doodle? Riki xo

  58. Hi, I loved visiting you party. I have enjoyed your blog. Your art is awesome. AND I love Princess PiP!!! She is adorable :)
    This party is going to last all week. I am having fun... thanks for visiting:)
    Happy Creating, gail

  59. What an enchanting tea, Miss Tina! Thank you for inviting me...I so luv the walkway to your tea party..and all of your party tophats!!
    Those stockings you are wearing are surely sprinkled with magic dust...I hope I get some for my birthday this year!!
    Come by the cottage and the young fairies are welcome anytime :)

  60. the decorations are amazing! you through quite a party-loved it!

  61. Wow! Beautiful! Stunning! So glad you stopped by for a nip of Wonderland-dream inducing Absinthe with Rook No. 17!

    Love the fab stockings and shoes, your darling little Pip, the delectable treats, and the genius idea of decorating with the hanging teacups!

    xoxo <3 Jenn

  62. Oh my... what a marvelously mad tea party! All the goodies looks so delicious and everyone is dressed in such colorful outfits! And teacups hanging madly from the trees! Thanks for inviting me and for stopping by my party!

  63. Super delicious party!
    I am having a Mad, Mad giveaway on my blog Do stop by for a visit!
    Enjoy the day!

  64. Oh Wow... I so wanted to step through my computer into your blog and tea party... It's one of the best by far! I just loved all the treats and colors... made me say YES that's how I want to live!!!! What kind of dog is Mr. Pip? He's adorable.

    Thanks for following me...
    Your name is added to the virtual hat for the mystery faerie~: )

  65. WOW!!! Great party, Tina!! Thank you for inviting me in and for visiting my new Blog!

    Kit from Paperkitz

  66. Looks like both of our pups got dressed for the event! Fun party!

  67. Fabulous party ... fabulous frocks.. lots of goodies... enjoyed it so much... thank you for having me ...
    what fun it was...


  68. Such a wonderful party!! The colors and all the time and creative spirit you put into it:O) Thanx for sharing...(did not partcipate but enjoying visiting) Isabel~

  69. Oh I loved hanging out with Little Pip and Miss Abby! You have the most wonderful guests!!! Thank you for the cupcakes, beautiful china and a magnificent day:)

  70. Wow! We had a truly AMAZING time here!Your party was fabulous!Your guests were so kind!Lovely!

  71. fun tea party! sorry I'm so late! xox


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