Monday, June 06, 2011

When you wish upon a star...

I have had the most magical few days, so I wanted to share some pictures with you...when I discovered the blogworld a few years ago now, I never imagined that I would become friends with such amazing kindred sisters. It has been so wonderful. When I was in a sad place Jo's little blog 'Old Flowers 4 Me' became a welcome escape for me, and I looked forward with anticipation for her next post. I just loved her world - it spoke to the child inside of me, and just resonated with my playful side. So imagine my delight this weekend when a wish came true!!! I visited her home - 'Fairy Cake Pond' - and it was just as magical in the flesh as it is on her blog. We ate little cakes and sipped cups of tea and glasses of bubbly - it was a wonderful afternoon spent with new friends. Here we are in the kitchen at Jo's...

Me having some sticky date pudding - thanks Nola - everywhere you look at Jo's are her wonderful collections. Even her kitchen cupboards are filled with her treasures that she has been collecting since she was 11! Can you believe that? Truly, I feel so blessed and so inspired after visiting her beautiful home. This internet can be such a wonderful place to meet like-minded people. I have another little story...there is someone else who I have 'met' through this virtual world, although she doesn't yet have a blog - her name is Mel, and she has a huge heart...imagine my delight when Jo presented me with a gift from Mel that she had sent in the post...a beautiful crystal. Thankyou sweet Mel x
...and do you see the gorgeous peacock necklace I am wearing? Another gift from another beautiful soul who also happens to be called Melissa...this one from Fancilious Fairyland blog. I LOVE this, and have barely had it off! You absolutely have to check out Melissa's blog if you haven't done so already - she makes the most amazing fairy gardens...thankyou dear Melissa - you definitely made my day. (She also sent me a gorgeous little peacock spoon and some peacock notecards which I can't wait to start using).

In the words of the lovely Jo.... "Dreams do come true"

p.s. I don't know what's going on with blogger, but I have tried to leave comments on several of your blogs, and for some reason, it won't let me - grrrrrr - I also can no longer access my flikr account - what the? So please know, that I have been peeking into your little worlds to see what you have been up to...

Now I am off to make Lemon Delicious with the lemons picked from my tree - mum and dad are coming for dinner tonight, so I am cooking up a feast. Ta ta for now...


  1. That is exactly how I feel about your blog my dear friend......your little corner of the world is a wonderful, magical, enchanting escape for me! I check every day to see if you have posted anything....and it is always a magical adventure. I'm so glad you had the chance to meet some of your bloggy friends in person....what a wonderful gift....and beautiful goodies you received! I love Melissa's blog too!

  2. i have tingles up my arms...i really had know idea you read my blog .. until you sent me a note on be home here thinking are there other people out there a little like me...people would leave the most beautiful notes back.i am so glad we are friends for so glad you came to fairy cake pond for a visit..there shall be more..lots more...times...

  3. First Thank you for the wonderful comments you left on my blog. What a beautiful kitchen your friend has. It looks like you all are having a wonderful time.

  4. Oh you deserve every fabulous thing that comes your way! You are lovely....what a magical week!! fun to read about it!!! xo

    I am so glad you mentioned that you can't leave comments!! I can't leave them either!!!....It appears that I can leave them when it gives me the option of Name/URL but that is it! lucky for me that I can leave YOU a meassage dear love!!!

    Have another fabulous week....I have gone into a hot summer hibernation of sorts....too hot to do anything this week:) xoxo

  5. Yay Tina! Fabulous Post!! yes the magic of blogging and the kindred spirits you meet.. it is truly special!! Thankyou for sharing your wonderful adventures and your special friends...they are you! OOh love that peacock divine and such a beautifu home..and kitchen..fantastic!!
    Shine on..and gorgeous photos! I also love the last one wiht the huge wings...awe-inspiring!
    PS; I hope your bloggy probs get fixed soon..i have had them on and off too for about two weeks now..and same thing..sometimes I cannot comment and so on!! Hope things sort out asap!Cyber Sparkles..find your way to Tina...zing!Hope that helps! ha ha

  6. Thanks for all the lovely comments girls...Celia, what a beautiful compliment - unfortunately yours is one of the blogs that won't let me comment - I loved your 'trees' post - the one with the roots floored me - it looks just like a hand reaching out!

    Jo, I am so happy we are friends for ever too...

    Willow, it's always lovely when you drop by x

    Melissa, YOU are a I wished you lived next door x

    And ALWAYS bring sparkles to my day...thankyou for your magic x

  7. What a beautiful necklace you received from Melissa - such a talented soul she is. Looks like you had a lovely time with friends - and dined on such sweet treats. Blogger has been going crazy lately - I haven't had the problems some have had, although some folks have not been able to leave me comments. Argh!


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