Thursday, June 09, 2011

A new painting...and that is all.

 I finished another painting this week, and I really love it...Abby has claimed it for her bedroom wall. The words are not by me - they are on a poster - but I just find these words completely inspiring. Here's a closer look.
The creative juices are flowing again...sorry about the short post, but I think the painting says it all...


  1. This is true!!! Life is simple and we make it complicated!!! This is very inspiring and your idea of write it to a painting a is wonderful!!!
    You are a creature of light!!!! Come to my blog,i have sth for you my lovely friend!!

  2. It is beautiful. I just love your artwork.

  3. Thankyou girls...Mirsini, yours is one of the blogs that I can't leave a comment's so frustrating. But I want to say thankyou so much for thinking of me - I feel very touched x

  4. what a beautiful painting / love the bright colours...& such inspiring words....just viewed your last post, what a lovely catch up u had & that crystal is just devine.....(i was also having probs commenting & was told to log in with firefox rather than internet explorer - so far it seems to be working if u want to give it a is a known blogger prob, hopefully they will find a fix soon) xxx

  5. What a beautiful Artistic Message this is!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. Tina....this is just beautiful....I think I'm going to write these words down in my journal...and putting them in a painting...with such beautiful colors....I just love it....

  7. Absolutely wonderful and perfect! What a lovely gift for your girl, you're such a good mum and such a wonderful artist!

  8. wonderful wonderful! beautiful words of inspiration! thank you...xo

  9. Tina, you painted the words so beautifully! i am not surprised your daughter wanted it for her room!
    love kat x

  10. love the new painting. Isn't it wonderful to have the creative juices flowing again? have a lovely weekend. k

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  12. What a LOVELY painting! You my friend are most talented! Those words are so very soulful. You daughter will certainly be inspired on a daily basis with that beautiful work of art as her musing!

    So glad to have had your visit. I have missed you. Wishing you a blissful weekend!

  13. It's a beautiful painting. And what lovely sentiment you selected. No wonder your daughter claimed it for her room. It's bright and uplifting. She can smile at it every day when she rises. :) Nice work!

  14. Wow...Mega-awesome!!!..and gorgeous colors...heart-touching words..I absolutely love love this Tina..magnificent..poetic..beautiful and inspiring...just like you!
    Yay..shine are FABULOUS!
    HUgs and sparkles

  15. Beautiful and very is awesome!

    Thankz for your kind compliments on my blog,
    and i'm very glad to meet you to!

    I think we're kindred, free spirits
    and enjoy the lovely and beautiful things in life.

    I love your happy blog and like to follow your life stories.

    With love,
    Simone from sunny Netherlands


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