Saturday, May 07, 2011

Mother Love...and an update below...

I have just quickly popped in here to wish all of you beautiful mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and grandmothers a most wonderful, magical Mothers Day...I hope that you are all enjoying yourselves...we just had some home-made soup with crusty bread. I am about to light the fire (it's freezing here today) and my mum is arriving soon for afternoon tea. We shall have sponge cake and scones with jam and cream...mmmmm.
I'm back...couldn't resist sharing some photos of our day.
Mum and I sharing a glass of bubbles...
An open fire and a dog by my side...I am a happy mummy.

"There are two lasting bequests we can give our children: one is roots, the other is wings" - Hodding Carter


  1. Your house is amazingly beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful Mother's day!! Sadly I have to work but hoping my boys remember sometime during the week lol

  2. what a gorgeous day - your house is beautiful - loved the afternoon tea setting & your beautiful necklace (am such a crystal girl!)....& log fires..ahh...had my hubby searching on e-bay & the web last night for a wood fire to warm our little house.....i just love them. so glad u had a lovely day. xxx

  3. Dearest Tina, stopping by to wish you a luscious and beautiful Mother's Day! Looks as though you have savored every moment divinely! Your mum is beautiful ... just like you! :) Cheers, my friend! (p.s. love the way you set such a marvelous table!)

  4. Hi sweet Tina ! Your day was full of warmth and sweetness !! Lovely pictures!!! You are very beautiful and you're mother too !!! Happy mother's day to you both !! Kisseeees!!
    ( p.s: i love the dolls that hang from your chandelier!!!) :o))

  5. It looks like you had an absolutely fabulous day with your mom! Thanks for sharing your photos - those treats sound delicious. Happy Mother's Day! Theresa

  6. how wonderful...your world makes me so happy...

  7. what a wonderful place you have and those exquisite finds... drool, drool. Here in UK mothers day has been and gone but thanks for sharing. I will definitely come by again. hugs xxx

  8. Yay Bettina!! Gorgeous photos.. you and your mom are such beautiful spirits! Your home is gorgeous too..and we have the same art-picture on the! Kindreds!
    Thanks for such a beautiful post!!

  9. Hello dear friend! ...your tea party table looks fabulous...YOU look fabulous...and your mum looks fabulous too! What a lovely day the two of you had!!! I think I have the same crystal necklece that you have on with your mom.....
    Birds of a feather INDEED! :)
    Thank you for inviting us into your lovely cozy home....have a great day my darling!


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