Monday, May 09, 2011

Makeover Magic

So, as promised, here is my kitchen dresser makeover - ta da! I am in love with it. Just look at it before - dated and boring. Armed with a colour that knocked my socks off, and a couple of hours work,
here she is after her makeover...all it took was a $7.00 sample pot and some vintage style knobs and I have a whole new piece of furniture. I sanded it back in some places so the wood could show through and give that vintagey look.
 I decided to leave the doors off the top bit so I could display my glasses and cups and saucers.

A closer look...I love my little teepee painting that my friend Elspeth painted...the colours pop next to the turquoise.
 I am rather pleased with how my dresser turned out...all the colours make me smile mixed in with my silver, coloured glass and plates...
"If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves" - Thomas Edison


  1. Hi there i quite enjoy your blog, it is very interesting. I am new at this bloging and was wondering if you could take a look at my blog an see what you think


  2. oh that colour is fab!! I loved it in wood its self but WOW what a make over, pure stunning!!
    Thank you as always for giving me a look into your creativity, it is purly amazing!

  3. Tina that's incredible - you would never guess it was the same piece of furniture! What a wonderful job you did. You have a great eye. The colour is lush. I'm a real turquoise girl too - mainly in clothing.

  4. did you sand down the hutch before painting it, or just paint away!!??

  5. that's gorgeous - i absolutely love the colour - well done....& i love your little teacup collection. xxx

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! FABULOUS COLOR and love all the eye candy on the shelves!!! xoxo You inspirational woman!!

  7. what an awesome makeover!! love it! xo natalea

  8. Love your makeover!!!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  9. WOW... I love it!! And in one of my favorite colors, turquoise blue. Your dishes look so beautiful against that color, how fun. Makes me think of some overhauling I would like to do.
    A belated happy Mother's day to you. The photo of you and your mom is so lovely. Two such very special ladies.

  10. Wow, thanks for all the positive feedback everyone...and welcome to the newcomers - always nice when new visitors pop in. Auntie Doreen, I did scuff it a bit first with some sandpaper, then I painted it roughly with a primer, tinted the same colour as the top coat. Once that was dry, just slapped on the paint and sanded it back in places when that was dry - easy peasy.

  11. thanks for responding!! i have my grandmas hutch--going to take the top part off that is two shelves--then do what you did--hope mine turns out as beautiful as yours did!!!
    thank you

  12. Your blue dresser is a great example of recycling.
    It looks amazing!
    I love the colour and the aged look you have created... I would be very proud of it too if I had painted it.
    You have transformed it into a beautiful piece of furniture. Could you create a nice dresser for me too! ;-)
    Oh, and I also love the antique cups and saucers.
    Thanks for sharing your DIY tips.
    All the best,
    Jo. xx

  13. P.S. Tina, I have added you to my creative blog list. I have just noticed you were not listed there.
    It was really good to visit you again. I will be back! ;-)

  14. Hi Tina! This is fantastic!!! Beautiful color....I just LOVE it!! I have so much catching up to do with reading my favorite blogs! I just posted on my blog this morning.....for the first time in a couple of months. I bought a copy of Artful Blogging in hopes that it will inspire me. I can't wait to read through all that I've missed here!

  15. What a lovely job you have done here....found you through Dawn...wonderful spot here.



  16. Tina ... LOVE the color you chose! Reminds me of the warm Caribbean waters and the blue hues on peacock feathers. It truly makes all of your lovely collections ... pop! You have so artfully arranged everything!

    Wishing you a bright and blissful weekend!

  17. Your new kitchen dresser is amazing Tina!!!!! I like it sooo much and i love your cups and plates and everything!! Nice decoration my friend!!! You are very very talented and smart!!! Happy weekend to you and lots of kisses!:o))

  18. Your dresser is absolutely stunning. It brings out the beautiful colors in all your dishes and glasswear. You did a magnificiant job. Truly. You should be very proud. Your dining area looks alive and joyful. Enjoy every minute at your table! Peace. Brianne

  19. WOW! It's truly amazing - you did a lovely job! The color is so beautiful and bright - wonderful shabby chic look. :) Theresa

  20. Oh My WOW!! I love it Tina...this is brilliant..i love the color of course..magnificent work..just are so Magical Tina!! I am so excited..very inspiring..thanks for sharing this...we are such kindreds..!!

    and i love the painting your friend did..gorgeous and very special!!

    All the beautiful cups and displays look amazing with the blue backdrop..gorgeous T!! You rock!

    Have a most beautiful day!
    PS; and yay glad you are a yoga kindred too, thanks for your sweet visit!

  21. It's such fun to redo cabinets ~ like giving them a new life. You did a fabulous job on this one and in my favorite color too!

  22. This is beautiful, well done! I love the handles too. x


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