Saturday, November 20, 2010

Colour Me Happy

"No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings" - William Blake

I am craving colour at the moment - can't get enough of it. I made these little colourful birds this week with some felt and feathers...thought I would have myself a little boho Christmas tree this year. I haven't picked up a needle and thread in such a long time and now look at me go!

I also saw this wonderful idea - I bought some clear ornaments and filled them with a rainbow of them!

It's a bit early to put our tree up yet (we wait until December 1st) but I will be sure to take some photos when we do, with all my new hand-made ornaments.

Spring has finally arrived here and I was just itching to get out into the garden, so I made a trip to my local nursery and picked up some colourful plants. I adore cottage gardens, but where I live is very dry with many gum trees, so I have tried to choose drought tolerant plants - I just love salvias because they come in so many great colours and are very easy to maintain...I have many roses, but only in my front garden because the possums eat them out the backyard - isn't that weird?

Won't you come see my little garden?

Do you see the silverbeet that the possums have nibbled?

I also wanted to show you this darling little charm that came in the mail this week from the gorgeous Mermaiden I was lucky enough to win a little giveaway on her blog a couple of weeks ago...thankyou sweet blog friend - I love it! You must go and have a peek into her beautiful world - her creations are truly incredible!

"The garden is a metaphor for life and gardening is a symbol of the spiritual path" - Larry Dossey

"He who plants a garden plants happiness" - Chinese Proverb

"Trees are poems that Earth writes upon the sky" - Kahlil Gibran

"Lose yourself in nature and find peace" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

And that last quote is pretty much what I did on my Sunday...


  1. Tina!! Oh my..your sweet little birdies are delightful and so charming...yes full of color..I love them!! they are dazzling! and I love your powerful magical orbs filled with feathers..rainbow and symbolic! Inspiring post full of beauty and magic as always! The gift you recieved is beautiful. Your garden is mega-dreamy...wonderful space! I get little groundhogs nibbling on my flowers..too funny! Thanks for this enchanting post full of wonderment and charm...a perfect start to my day!I would love to live near you!

  2. Oh love your birdlings! I have made those but never thought of adding feathers. Genius you are!!! Your garden is a delight. Love all the special little touches. DeLovely ♥♥♥
    **happy smiles** Deb

  3. Tina ... Bliss!!! I must let you in on a little secret ... I have long since been held enchanted in a spell with the love and admiration of our feathered friends! I love, love, love your birds!!! They are FABULOUS!!!

    The stroll through your gardens has left me yearning for spring here ... to see tender greens, the unfolding of blooms, and decorative statuary has sent my heart aflutter! For spring is my favorite time of year ... the renewal of life. Your garden is most charming ... it recalls to me one of those of bygone eras, Victorian perhaps, in a country setting. Each winding path leading one to find a special place to linger ... I do believe that is why Mr, Possum tends to visit so often! He rather fancies your little oasis!

    Congratulations on your win! A beautiful charm!
    A beautiful and blissful day to you! :))

  4. how amazing!
    your imagination is amazing!I can't wait to see your Christmas tree!
    What a lovely garden.

  5. Oh Tina! Your sweet little birds are SO beautiful! And your ornaments with those lovely feathers - you will have such a gorgeous tree! :) It is delightful to see your gardens so lush and green, especially when ours are hibernating for the season. :) Theresa

  6. oh you have little bird's in your tree.there so cute.

  7. i adore the little birds!!! so cute!

    xoxo Haleigh @ BB

  8. Tina, you have the sewing bug now i see, your wee birds are the cutest, the feather tails are gorgeous! i have been making wee felt birds for out tree too! I love the idea of your boho christmas tree! and your garden looks my kind of garden too, love all the wee faeries tucked away x x

  9. How beautiful!!your sweet little birdies are lovely and so charming, real eyecatcher...I like your magical orbs too, full of colorful feathers.
    Hugs Anja

  10. I hadn't heard that Kahlil Gibran quote thanks Tina.
    It's so nice to see greenery and springtime it's getting colder week to week here!
    Kat x

  11. Soooo lovely....those little birds really make my heart sing..your tree is going to be amazing.

    I am still thinking Spring...Christmas??? I have a hard time thinking about warm weather at Christmas when we have freezing temps and more snow on the way....wish I could pop over and warm up. xoxoxoo Hugs

  12. Hi Tina,
    Your colourful birds are beautiful. I like the idea of making your own Christmas tree decorations.
    I think it is a bit odd to have Christmas in Springtime, but much nicer than the cold days we have. It is grey and frosty here in the UK at the moment.
    Your cottage garden is stunning. I'm also very fond of the traditional style gardens.
    Lovely to visit you again. :-)
    Best wishes,

  13. I love your ornaments!!! They are just beautiful! And your garden is wonderful! Christmas in Spring? I would love to try that!


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