Wednesday, November 03, 2010


The source of all abundance is not outside you. It is part of who you are. However, start by acknowledging and recognising abundance without. See the fullness of life all around you. The warmth of the sun on your skin, the display of magnificent flowers outside a florist's shop, biting into a succulent fruit, or getting soaked in an abundance of water falling from the sky. The fullness of life is there at every step. The acknowledgment of that abundance that is all around you awakens the dormant abundance within. Then let it flow out. When you smile at a stranger, there is already a minute outflow of energy. You become a giver. Ask yourself often: "What can I give here; how can I be of service to this person, this situation?" You don't need to own anything to feel abundant, although if you feel abundant consistently things will almost certainly come to you. Abundance comes only to those who already have it - Eckhart Tolle

I just love reading author and spiritual teacher Eckhart the age of 29, he experienced a profound inner transformation. So the next few years were devoted to understanding, integrating and deepening that transformation. This was the beginning of an intense inward journey, something I can relate to at this time of my life.

The thing I have learned about spiritual awakening, is that once you begin the journey, it is impossible to go back, and it can be extremely difficult when you discover that certain people and things no longer 'fit' into your new awareness. This is something I am discovering on my journey.
When I began my blog, I really didn't know what I would post about, but after such an intense year of study last year, I have found this little corner to be such a creative outlet for me. I have always struggled with ego (you know that little voice that tells you your art is crap, etc...blah blah), but I am slowly learning that just to be aware of ego, and understand that that is not 'me'. I am in fact the awareness behind that little voice. And I am reminded that being creative always makes me very happy.

So, it's probably poignant that I found this little gratitude journal today...I still remember the day I wrote it - around about the same time last year. It was a beautiful Spring day, and I had allowed myself time to just sit in the garden and play with some watercolours. Time truly does have no significance when I am 'in' the process of creating. Everything else just falls away.
"I do enough, I have enough, I AM enough"

I also found some old unfinished watercolours. I think I should like to have a play with them...

Oh, and I have been giving my little gardenhouse a makes me smile...

I want to thank each and every one of you that comes to visit here. And I just love to read your special notes...I always try to come thank you on your blogs, because I honour the time you take to leave a comment.

I know it's been rather a long post, and congratulations if you are still reading, but I just want to leave you with one more quote from Eckhart Tolle - I LOVE this!

Give up defining yourself - to yourself or to others. You won't die. You will come to life. And don't be concerned with how others define you. When they define you, they are limiting themselves, so it's their problem. Whenever you interact with people, don't be there primarily as a function or a role, but as a field of conscious Presence.


  1. I have heard about this book before and was interested in it. I love reading and will have to see about getting it. Your garden house is lovely. I am missing our summer. We are in Fall and winter is trying to come early. Calling for snow in some areas of our State tonight.


  2. Hi Tina..super-beautful your journal so gorgeous and uplifting!Your garden house is so charming..I always love to see what magic you have been up to!I love it!
    HUgs and have a happy day!

  3. Great post!!!! I began following you just a day or so ago because I like you style, but this post hit home. I feel exactly the same way. I know what you mean about people not "fitting" anymore with the new path. I am there myself.

    Smile & Shine, Kelly

  4. excellent quotes.

    defining ourselves and defining others is something very difficult to pull out of. but it's so liberating when we do!

  5. What a beautiful post. I love your paintings and of course your garden house must make you smile, it made me smile. I so agree that once you start on a spiritual journey the world suddenly looks different and you can never find your way back to the old path. I think it is a constant struggle to keep yourself from slipping into letting others define who you are. Especially when you love to nurture.


  6. thank you for something beautiful to sit with...

    and your wee garden house is utterly enchanting!

  7. Wow - this is very profound. I am familiar with Tolle's books, but I've never had a chance to peruse them personally. I work part-time in a bookstore, so I KNOW that his books are very popular and still sell extremely well. I think I shall sit and read a few passages. Thanks for sharing what his words mean personally to you - and for sharing some of your artwork - it's so delicate and pretty. :) Theresa

  8. absolutely stunning and beautiful!
    you have a wonderful blog and your art is gorgeous!!!!
    love it!

  9. Oh Tina,
    I just love your post! As I was reading it I was thinking that I would write you and say congratulations on your spiritual journey (that IS the point of life I think), and say there is no need to compare yourself with ANYone else's journey that this is YOUR life and then there is Tolle's saying the same thing. I decided long ago to only surround myself with people who are true to themselves, as little ego as possible and wild and creative (in their own way... they do not need to be a Picasso). Life is so short and sweet... it is so much more fun and meaningful if you follow your bliss and tune in to what the Universe is telling you! I am so happy for you!!!!! You GO Girl!! By the way... you, your life and your art are beautiful!

  10. I just LOVE YOU! I have been looking for a new book and your post just came along at the PERFECT time! Thank you dear friend! Have a terrific day....keep living in the moment and following our bliss!!!

  11. I agree with every single word you have written.
    The journal page is absolutely wonderful.It is simple, colourful, just the sort of thing I like.
    I am glad you can share your art and whimsy ideas with us here.
    Your shed is beautiful, the flowers and this blue are just magical!
    CARPE DIEM my dear blog friend.

  12. Tina,
    Such a though provoking post. It seems we are both making our way along the same journey. It is so true ... once the transformation has begun within it is virtually impossible to turn back. I have never felt more "free" in my life.
    Your words have touched me deeply ... for it truly is a great comfort knowing there are others making this spiritual quest.

  13. What a beautiful post.....what wonderful quotes to think about.....and I think so many of us are in the exactly same place you are. I LOVE your garden house! You are such a beautiful person....I am so happy to know you....even if we are an ocean apart.....

  14. I so love your message today my made me think and be sooo thankful for all the blessings in my life.

    Your little garden house is ADORABLE!!!! Enjoy my sweet friend....enjoy what the day has to offer. xoxoxo

  15. YES...I will pick you up in my caravan and we will find gypsy adventures!! :)...have a fantastic day!!

  16. Thankyou to all my beautiful blog difficult as my journey is, it is always wonderful to find a connection with like-minded people, even if it is in my blog-world. Again thankyou for all being here and leaving such nurturing words...they truly are so special to me.

  17. DeLovely! I just wrote down the book...I must get! Your water colors are ever so beautiful. You must must must continue with them. I adore this entire post. Your wee garden house is delightful. Simply swoonalicious. **kisskiss** Deb

  18. ~good morning my dear sweet spirited friend...i am writing this here as when i tried to reply to yoru comment left it comes up no reply i do not haev an email address to reply you haev one linked to your blog?? if so would you ever so kindly email it to me at and then i can respond via email instead of here!! if not no woriies and i will jsut find a space somewhere here...hehehe...thank you so for taking the time to stumble over for a visit and leaving me with such tender heartfelt a soothing balm to calm myself...for reading and hearing my words and for understanding...i know i am not alone and many many have endured such choices in life...peace i am slowly starting to feel...a long road still to go but atleast i have taken a step! i hope this finds you well and in good spirits...much l♥ve and light upon you always~


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