Sunday, May 27, 2012


I know, I know, I have been the world's worst blogger lately. Please don't take it personally, I just haven't felt like I have anything important to share. I knew that 2012 was going to be an amazing year, and after all my struggles and anxieties, life finally feels like it makes sense. I am slowly learning to get out of my head, and to let 'stuff' go. Stuff which I used to obsess over, like "why don't they like me?" or "why didn't I get invited?" You know what, it just doesn't matter anymore. I've come to realise that all I need is within me, and by healing those wounds of not being enough, the love is beginning to flow, and I find myself attracting like-minded people and situations.

I am halfway through my yoga teaching training, and, I know it is a cliche, but yoga truly is transforming me, and things that seemed so important before seem to not have any hold over me any longer. I feel so peaceful and calm, and am honestly enjoying the everyday moments. Seeing my daughters blossom and mature is such a privelege, and I realise that I don't want to miss one single moment. Time is fleeting, and oh so precious.

So I thought it might be lovely to link up here at Wooly Moss Roots to express what has made me grateful this week...

1.   Snuggling on the couch watching the fire flicker with my family.

2.   Walking Pip along the train tracks, enjoying the autumn smells of the earth and the pine needles beneath my feet.

3.   Making beautiful, nurturing soups, filled with delicious beans and vegetables.

4.   Divine Yum Cha with my sister, then a movie and some shopping.

5.   Cheering from the side lines at the local football, sipping hot lattes and eating my niece's home-made cookies.

6.   Watching Abby's netball game and chatting with the other netball mums.

7.   Challenging myself with a new yoga teacher, who we nicknamed 'The Smiling Assassin'.

8.   Always enjoying my Monday night Yoga class with Michelle, who inspires me every week with her joyful classes.

9.   Being invited to sleep with my big girl in her bed, and chatting in the dark.

10.  Eating from the breakfast menu at lunchtime with fellow yogis at a local cafe.

11.  Making new friends and getting excited when their interests reflect your own. Love that!
12.  Allowing myself time to read, read, of my favourite things to do.

13.  Devonshire tea in the mountains with my parents and my sister for my niece's birthday.

14.  Singing at the top of our voices with Abby, my youngest daughter in the car, and giggling when it becomes a singing competition.

15.  Gathering as a family to watch our favourite show on T.V. and deciding who will make the cups of tea, our family ritual.
16.  Finding the score of the century - a beautiful old cast iron claw foot bath on the side of the road...I have always longed to have a bath in the garden for moonlight bathing.

17.  Indulging my visual senses with my Pinterest boards, which is totally addictive and which you can check out here

18.  Finding a beautiful mauve vest in a quirky little shop and deciding I must have it.

19.  Taking a journey to the mountains and enjoying the gorgeous autumn favourite time of the year.

20.  Sipping real Spanish hot chocolate...the kind that the spoon can almost stand up in - pure decadence!

21.  Hand feeding the lovely kookaburra who came to visit on my back deck...cheeky fellow!

So there you have it...the little things this week that have made my heart sing and my soul very happy.

"A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself" - Maya Angelou



  1. well I am so happy to see you have been on such a wonderful path and that you are doing well! so much to be grateful for. xo natalea

    1. Thanks Natalea, so lovely to hear from you. Yes, exciting times, truly x

  2. Welcome Back! You have been Missed... and we Love you exactly how you are! I'm so glad that you are on the Path that leads to Contentment, Peace and Self Love. The Grandson and I will soon be taking a Yoga Class together, I can hardly wait to begin... I used to do Yoga all of the time in my Youth and never should have gotten out of the habit of incorporating it into my Lifestyle, it has so many amazing benefits and I'm glad the G-Son is also interested in it and wants to take the classes with me.

    Blessings and a Hug from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

    1. Dawn, how wonderful that you and your grandson can share these times together! I've missed you too...I must pop over and check out what you have been up lovely to hear from you x

  3. It has been too long lady - we miss your posts!! Have you been painting?

    Love the cheeky kookabura. My Mum has a tame robin that lives in her garden and comes to her for food. So cute.

    That's a great photo of the three of you plus doggy friend. It looks so full of fun.

    Welcome back to blogland - be sure not to stay away so long next time :)

    1. Nawwww, you're so sweet! Do you know, I haven't been painting lately. It seems all my creative energy is going into the yoga and learning all this new stuff so my head feels like it will explode, lol. Lovely to hear from you Lisa, and I will get over to check out your blog and your beautiful paintings - you blow me away with your creativity x

  4. Hello there my magical friend! So glad to see you are doing so well! I am on a beautiful path of healing....I haven't been blogging very much either because I have been so busy on my new path.

    1. Celia, I am so happy to hear that you are on a healing journey also - isn't it wonderful? I am sending you big hugs and love and light on your journey x

  5. Hi Tina!
    Thanks so much for joining Gratitude Sunday! Loved reading your gratitudes, it was so heartwarming. So many wonderful things you listed..
    and how exciting to find a claw foot bathtub. :)

    Love, Taryn

  6. Oh beloved friendling, I have always liked you from the start! What a lovely post to read...I slowly inhaled all of your peace. New journeys always through this, our human experience. Life IS worth living. Big love to you, Deb

  7. It's wonderful to see you're back! I too have been lagging on my blogging. I guess sometimes we have to allow life to take over for a bit. This post made me simply happy *smiles*. There is so much beauty and blessings in our lives. Isn't it wonderful to simply dwell in the moments of contentment and bliss? Looking forward to your future posts! xo
    Blissful Tidings,

  8. hi Tina,
    Oh I have missed your posts, but I know too well how much a chore blogging can be when the inclination to write is not there. Enjoy your fires and blankets, I believe it is winter now down there,yes?
    mel :)

  9. Hello beautiful - so glad to hear u r in such a happy place....sounds like the yoga was just what u needed - u will be an amazing teacher, your gorgeous spirit will shine - loved reading your list for the week & that last amazing pic of u hugging the tree. Shine on sweet. Xxx

  10. Yay Tina...I am hugging that massively beautiful tree right along with you..what a gorgeous post..body-mind and spirit....beautiful photos and such a soul-touching share..i feel your wonderful spirit and energy flowing and flying...thankyou for making blogland sparkle and for coming into my are a sister kindred and an amazing inspiring spirit! you have sparked me today with your magic and beautiful words!
    PS; loved your lisT

  11. Hey my sweet blog friend... I am missing your posts! I hope you are super happy and becoming a first rate yoga teacher!
    Would love to see pictures and stories of your life again,
    Tons of blessings to you and your family,


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