Friday, January 06, 2012

Roadtrip...Part One

I'm back! Happy new year my beautiful friends! I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and an awesome new year! So, remember in my last post (a bazillion years ago) I told you that we went on a most wonderful adventure? Well, finally I am able to share some photos with you...courtesy of my new camera which was a birthday present - lucky me! Probably not so lucky you, because I have so many photos, and not a clue which ones to leave out. I wanted to share with you how beautiful the east coast of Australia is...from the incredibly beautiful beaches to quaint seaside villages and little country towns.  So indulge me, if you will, grab a cuppa (or you may need something stronger) and enjoy our little roadtrip.

We began our journey in the incredibly beautiful Byron Bay, renowned for it's gorgeous beaches and the eclectic folk who call it home. The vibe here is amazing - totally my kind of place. We enjoyed moonlight strolls along the beach, wonderful restaurant meals, dancing in the street to local buskers, and a long walk to the lighthouse, which sits on the eastern most point of Australia.

The day was just perfect for our walk, and we were even treated to the sight of dolphins frolicking below us in the waves. Just magical. Of course I stopped for a little yoga overlooking the ocean!

This is our beautiful home on wheels, which we nicknamed 'Mother Maui'...truly, you realise how very little possessions you need to be happy when you live like this. Why do we complicate our lives with so many 'things' - hmmm, something to ponder!
You just know I had fun playing with my new camera, and checking out the wildlife! Look at this gorgeous bird's that's what I call recycling at its best...

Only in Byron...Santas on surfboards - I love it!
After Byron Bay (sniff, I really didn't want to leave!) we stopped in a beautiful place called Yamba, and Ian and the girls dared each other to jump off the rock...yours truly chose to just take photos...
I just stood on a rock...I know, I'm a daredevil!

There was always lots of things to look at along the way...
and I just had to stop and buy some jams and chutneys from a little roadside stall for my dad.
Then we had a picnic lunch at this incredible national park, where the sand dunes reminded me of Sex and the City 2, so of course I had to have an impromptu photoshoot, he hee.
Here's another shot of Mother Maui, bless her...and that's Georgia.
and a little friend who watched us while we ate...

Kookaburra in the tree...
Then it was onto Sydney, where we caught a train in a very deserted station...eerie!
To see the Harry Potter exhibition! I have to tell you, Georgia grew up as a HUGE Harry Potter fan - she has read the books and watched the movies a million times. She used to wear the glasses and cloak around the house, and even had a Nimbus 2000 broomstick, made by her friend's dad...when she turned 12, she was most disappointed when she didn't receive a letter to get the picture. So, it was a VERY exciting day for all of us.
Then a stroll along Darling Harbour...
And then onto Sydney Harbour for my Birthday Eve drinks...

We spent my birthday at a gorgeous seaside town called Kiama, where we shared a fisherman's basket on the wharf overlooking the ocean.
Enjoying the view...
The blowhole at Kiama

So, I will share the rest of the photos in part two...stay tuned...


  1. I can hardly wait for the 2nd installment, I feel as though you have taken us along on this Magical Adventure! Wow, stunning Images and obviously a fantastic time was had by all!

    Thanks for stopping by, may 2012 be full of wonderful Adventures, Blessings and endless possibilities!

    Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Thank YOU for taking us along! ;) I have so enjoyed the trip and photographs... you are all so stylish and lovely! Beautiful places with nature incredible and lovely yous... ;)

    Hugs my friend!


  3. ~what a beautiful way to spend some family time!!! your photos are gorgeous and make me long for warm sunny days and being by the ocean wee little walked past as i was scrolling through and he saw the picture of you with the feather and said "who's that mama, queen of the earth!" i thought that was just to cute not to share with you...hehehe...i wish you and yours all my best in 2012 and look forward to catching up in the days to come..much love light and blessings shining brightly upon~

  4. What AMAZING photos!!! :) Loved the beach photos and all those sweet critters. :) Your family is quite lovely - how wonderful that you were all together for your trip!

  5. How wonderful! Looks like a magical adventure!


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