Tuesday, October 04, 2011

To Catch a Dream

Yesterday was such a beautiful day that I decided the time was right to make my dreamcatcher. So I gathered a basket of bits and pieces and took a blanket out in the sunshine.
I had been down the garden path the day before and found a beautiful vine wrapped around a tree. It was perfect for making my circle; I just twisted it into the size I wanted. Next I collected some feathers, some beads and a ball of string. Just a little note to self for next time - make sure the beads have holes big enough for the string to pass through!
I began by making a little hoop in the top of the string to hang the dreamcatcher. I threaded a couple of beads on and then tied the end to the top of the hoop, leaving enough string to hang it by. To start, you just hold the string and place it loosely over the top of the hoop. Move the string around to the back of the hoop (forming a hole) and pull the string back through the hole you just made.

Pull each stitch taught but not too tight or it will warp the hoop of the dreamcatcher. The same stitch is repeated around the hoop, spacing the stitches evenly (approximately 10 stitches around the hoop).

The last stitch of the first round should be placed a couple of centimetres away from the hanging loop. On the next round of the circle, place the string around the centre of each stitch from the previous round (rather than around the hoop). Now, don't stress at this point. As you can see with mine, my 'spider web' pattern isn't perfect where I've missed the loops, but I kind of think it adds to the organic look of it, and I'm not fussed by it being perfect.

As you pull each stitch tight, a diamond shape will begin to form, and it will begin to look like a spider web. Once you have been around a few times, you can thread a bead onto the string, and just continue stitching. keep going, until you have a little hole in the centre of your dreamcatcher (to let the bad dreams through!) You can just finish it here with a couple of stitches through the same loop to form a knot.

With the left over string, just attach a couple of feathers and perhaps some beads and knot. I wrapped the string around the top of the feathers to neaten it up.

I also embellished my dreamcatcher with some crystals. Turquoise to dispel negativity and to open the heart chakra, and the powerful crystal quartz, for balance, protection and harmony, and particularly useful in dream work. These I just wrapped tightly with wire to attach to my dreamcatcher. Then I threaded some beads and crystals onto some leather and looped these around the bottom of the hoop to hang next to the feathers.

I certainly lost myself in the creating, and the repetitive nature of looping the string was quite meditative, and as I spun my web, I couldn't help but ponder the cleverness of spiders who do this naturally. I was lucky enough to see a spider's web in the garden yesterday, and I marvelled at the intricacy of the delicate home he had spun.

I hope you are inspired to make a dreamcatcher of your own. Sweet dreams...I wish we could all have a sleepover and make dreamcatchers together - how fun that would be!


  1. Beautiful! What a great project....and a sleepover would be SO FUN!!!

  2. So gorgeous. I have always wanted to try my hand at making a dream catcher. You are inspiring me to give it a try.

  3. Oh my goodness! Your dreamcatcher IS LOVELY!!! :) What a lovely day you had to create it. :) Thank you for sharing how you crafted it...I have always wanted to know. xoxo

  4. how lovely, homemade dream catches as so beautiful, capturing the personality of the maker in the design :)

  5. I LOve your new Dreamcatcher!!!! It's different from the other one with a more natural style that i love!!!! and i agree with Mad Madame Mel that captures the personality of the maker!!!! Thank you for sharing the way you made it!!! Maybe i will try one day cause i'm also curious how is done!!!
    Oh!! I love your photography art lately very much!!! !
    Kisses magical Tina!!! :o)

  6. Your dream catcher is so pretty. You did such a beautiful job on it.

  7. ahh...it is so gorgeous - looks like u had fun making it too. love the crystals in it...u have definitely inspired me to make one. hope u have a beautiful weekend...xxx


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