Thursday, September 01, 2011

Springtime Blossoms

Spring is finally I love this time of the year, when new buds appear on the trees, blossom scents the air, and the days begin to get a little bit longer.
A little painting by me...

It's time for lovely walks in nature, picnics by the river, reading a book which captivates me in the warm sunshine, flicking through magazines for inspiration, picking armfuls of flowers and foliage to bring inside, drives in the countryside with the wind in my hair, listening to old songs blaring through the speakers, and just enjoying getting outside again.

It's time for new beginnings...time to shrug off the heaviness of winter and rejoice in the newness of spring! A time of transformation and renewal. A time to leave the cocoon and unfurl my wings.

I am ready to fly...
Unfinished butterfly...

(I actually did finish sewing this butterfly, but gave it to my sister for her birthday, and silly me forgot to take a photo - woops - but it was so fun and easy, and I thought I would share anyway)


  1. So amazing that your seasons are the opposite of mine!....and JEALOUS that you are entering spring!!! favorite season for sure:).....I am waiting for that hint of fall crispness to touch my far all I feel is is sooo hot!! Ready for some cooler weather!!!

    Love your paining my love!! Gorgeous!

  2. We are getting ready for Fall here in WV in the US. I just love your paintings and drawings. I so wished I had your talent.

  3. Well, here on the first day of September the temperature jumped up about 6 degrees. It's all a bit back to front! Let's hope we are going to have an Indian Summer.

  4. Springtime!! Goodness, we are venturing into autumn's wistfulness and along with it comes the cool temperatures!! I have been sooooooooooo cold. I actually turned on the electric blanket last night! ;O Today I am turning beds, laundering bedding, and pulling out the flannel sheets! :)))

  5. Yay Tina..what gorgeous photos..Happy Springtime to you..such a beautiful time of year! I find it so cool we are at the opposite ends of the spectrum with seasons..but we are both kindred guardians of nature and the seasons across the miles..!! LOVE your butterfly in the powerful! I love your creations..I hold the treasures you made me very dear..and they have brought alot of joy, magic and spirit to me...hugs and thankyou again for gifting me with your kindness! I love your gorgeous painting..such floral beauty are super talented! Shine on friend..enjoy your spring magic!

  6. Happy Spring to you and autumn for us! Enjoy the rebirth of flowers and greenery. :) Your painting is so lovely and that butterfly is delightful. I am sure it looks lovely all pieced together. :) Enjoy the new season!!! :)

  7. Love your painting and butterfly! Autumn is coming for us....I love that I get to watch Spring and Summer through your world as we go through Fall and Winter. Fall is my favorite time of year.....but Spring is a close second. I do so love the cooler weather though!

  8. Happy Spring !!!
    I am counting the days to spring.
    I imagine your beautiful butterfly.
    Happy Weekend ♥

  9. hi hon - love your painting & butterfly...i too am so excited it's finally spring (my fave time of the year)- we went out on a boat today for father's lovely, sunshine, great food & family - the water looked amazing. xxx

  10. I'm still always fascinated by our opposite seasons on the opposite side of the earth! Not too long ago I remember admiring your cozy fall photos, longing for the cool weather, and now here we are in the U.S. slowing approaching those days! And you must be sooo ready for that springtime goodness! The joy of the different seasons!! Enjoy it xo natalea

  11. Paula, I tried to visit you, but your blog says invited readers only ): Where are you lovely?

  12. I just found your blog. Very cool stuff. I wish it was Spring here. We're just starting Fall & I'm not very fond of it. I'm following you now.


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