Saturday, July 09, 2011

Collecting Feathers and other lovely things...

 One of my favourite things to do in winter is head down the coast and walk along the beach...there is something so wild and invigorating about this time of the year, listening to the waves crashing and the wind blowing the reeds and grasses. It is music to my soul...clears away the cobwebs and inspires and rejuvenates me.
 While the girls slept warm and cosy in their beds, the husband and I decided to take Pip for a walk, where, to my delight, I found not one, but 6 beautiful feathers. When I glanced into the sky, this majestic bird flew overhead, gliding upon the wind, making it seem so effortless...floating on air.

As soon as her feet touch the sand, Pip is pulling at her lead, wanting to be set free to run as fast as her legs will carry her. There is such joy in watching an animal so present in the moment, and filled with complete bliss. We laughed as she ran like the wind, circling back to make sure we were still she loves the beach, and we are lucky that at this time of the year, dogs are summer, the times we can walk her here are restricted. Funny how a little furball can bring us so much enjoyment...
We managed to find the secret track that would lead us back home to enjoy a hot chocolate...

Is it just me, or does this photo remind you of Little Red Riding Hood? hee hee
All he needs is a picnic basket...

This doesn't happen very often, so I thought I would share a photo of Ian and I preparing dinner...we bought some huge rib-eye steaks (I'm talking Fred Flintstone size people!) and Ian whipped up some home-made chips and a Greek Salad, and we enjoyed the most beautiful meal with a bottle of red wine in front of our little wood fire. Heaven....

These times spent with family are truly my favourite...
I have been enjoying taking these hipstamatic photos on my new phone...humour me, won't you until I get it out of my system...but I do like the effect they give.

Wherever you go, go with all your heart


  1. So peacefully wonderful! What lovely times! My sweetie and I get so much joy from our little furry family as well. They are so very precious to us. We just came home from a walk with one of them who was running around like a nut too. So funny!
    I totally understand what you mean about the beach in winter. It really is invigorating, it makes you feel inspired as well as marveling at Mother Nature's strength and breadth! I actually prefer the the ocean in winter (bit strange for a California girl I know...).
    Keep enjoying your holiday time with your beautiful family and I will vicariously enjoy it through you... by the way I like the retro quality of your pictures very much. It kind of goes with the whole holiday at the beach theme.
    Love from the California summer beach region.

  2. hi tina - u r such a kindred soul for me....we too r lucky to have a beach 5 minutes drive from home...i have been visiting there frequently of late...there is definitely something nice about winter - less crowds, nature at it's wild sister & i have been going along a little boardwalk which wraps around the cliff face of the sea to an isolated beach (which i have nicknamed "mummas beach") - it is soo gorgeous & we always bring home trinkets (i have found some beautiful sea glass there) - so nice to share your walk with u today...& that dinner, yum...there is nothing like comfort food on a cold winters day - thanks for sharing. xxx

  3. Wow Tina..i LOVE these super atmoshperic photos...woah...gorgeousness!!! Beautiful post...magical...i love feathers too..we are such kindreds! And so lovely to see your Ian!
    Thanks for sharing your magic as always...where you live just seems so over the top beautiful!! Lucky gal...enjoy your magical time...
    Hugs and blessings

    thanks for always adding adventure to my day..again..those pictures are awe-inspiring...the bird is magical...

  4. Tina, these photos made me crave cooler weather! So rich and cozy- I felt like I was there with you! what lovely days you have...I love that you live life to the fullest my very inspiring! wishing you well, xo natalea

  5. I love your pics! I wish I could get that effect with my pictures. Our furry family members make us really happy too.....I am hoping when the summer season is over here we can take our puppy to the beach too(it's restricted here in the summer too)....I can't wait to see how she reacts. I wish it was cool's so hot and humid here right now I can hardly stand it.

  6. Hi sweet Tina!! Wow!! Your pictures are amazing !!! It's like you are in a dream!, well i bet you are!!! This place looks amazing!!! The first photo is magical( i love feathers too!!) and you are very beautiful in the second photo as also with your Ian!!! Well, i have to say you are a wonderful team all together!!!! Pip is a very cute creature!!!
    Enjoy every moment!!! Shine on beautiful creatures!!!
    Hugs!! :oD

  7. FAR OUT!! Love the affect of your photos! I just did a photo shoot of my friends celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary and had a blast playing around with the Picnic Picasa editing stuff, have you ever used that? I have never photo shopped anything and am just learning about that stuff now...any tips luv?... :)
    Your dinner looks DEEEEELICIOUS.....lovey love love your braids dear friend!!! xoxo

  8. "Wherever you go, go with all your heart" ... oooo, I love that!!! Beautiful! Tina, how I envy you ... How I would love to spend some down time down by the sea. Indeed, the magical notes made my the sound of the surf and the wind through the tall grasses is most calming. The ocean is one of my most favorite places in the world ...

    The time spent with the family sounds lovely and peaceful. Those close camping, hiking, and rock hounding trips, when the four of us, my family and I, got together were the most rememberable moments of my life, so far. I cherish them ... as I am sure your daughters will cherish theirs also. And that includes Pip! I'm most positive that our furry-footed ones enjoy the time away just as much as we do! :)

    I like the photos, they are fun and funky! :)

  9. what a lovely post. I love your photo's. I like those rib eye steaks too. Hugs Sara

  10. Beautiful post... and you made me want to braid my hair! ;) I will I will! You look lovely!


  11. I LOVE the effect you did on your photos, and find it difficult to believe you took them with your PHONE! I also am drooling over that sweater you are wearing at the beach!!! Then again, EVERYTHING looks fabulous on you. **kisskiss** Deb

  12. Oh Oh Oh! Love these! I just stumbled on to your blog... what a treat! I am getting ready to buy a new phone (mine is ancient) and would love to know what you recomend.I'm not ready for photoshop but would love to try some editing from a celular. Thanks also for the beautiful quote at the end of these comments.Lisa


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