Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Romance Me...

Hello lovelies...real life aroud here is pretty sucky at the moment, so in honour of it being Spring, I decided to do a little shooshing in the bathroom.

I picked some fleurs from my garden, ran a most decadent bath and added some rose geranium oil...think I might close the door, light some candles and spend a large amount of time in here, with nothing but lovely thoughts to keep me company...

This dresser was a wedding present from my mum and dad...it used to belong to a dear family friend, so I gave it a makeover and now it sits in my bathroom.

Somebody please come and tell me when they have all left home....hee hee. Ooh, and be a love and pour me a champagne, thankyou...


  1. What a gorgeous and romantic-beautiful setting..a magical ambience..you are a wizardess with yoru magical touch! lovely!!
    Have a very happy sunshiny day..filled with lots of sparkles

  2. What a dream!!......you have a beautiful bathroom and what a nice way to spend some time alone. It is getting ready to turn into Fall here.....which is a great relief from the horrible heat we've had this summer. Happy Spring to you!.....and I hope that means we will see more and more magical outdoor pics from you soon.....hee hee.....I can't wait!

  3. **swoons** I think that is exactly what I need today! Oops, sorry, I just finished off the champagne. **blows kisses** Deb

  4. What a beautiful bathroom. It looks like the perfect place to escape the world.


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