Thursday, January 28, 2010


Well, hello there...I've finally gone and done it! A round of applause please...after much procrastination, and blog envy, I have decided to embark upon my own blog journey (ta daaaaa). I have found so much inspiration out there in blogland, that I feel it is high time I got off my backside, well, not really, cos I'm sitting down (tee hee), and create my own. I am hoping it will be the little shove I need to begin creating, here goes (thanks Jo, for giving me the courage to begin x)


  1. ooooooooooohhhhhh, i am so glad your here with me in the blogworld, we are just going to have so much fun...( WELCOME YOU DIVINE GIRL YOU )singing and skipping love jo.

  2. Oh, thankyou Jo, now bear with me, cos I've got my learners took me all day to get this far, ha ha...

  3. thank you so much for visiting my blog. i get so lonely for friends. i'm excited for you that you have a blog, too. it's such a wonderful way to feel close to people all over the world!! i will visit often. so glad you like my blog!!! god bless you!


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