Wednesday, October 31, 2012

fairy cake pond
"Wishes do come true"....a few years back, I was in a pretty dark place. I won't go into details, but suffice to say that I was on a bit of a downward spiral, and then the universe stepped in to teach me some big lessons. Perhaps one day I shall share here, but for now, I shall just leave it at letting you know that I did some things that I wasn't terribly proud of.

But life has a funny way of providing you with the people and the situations you need to learn some big life lessons. My journey these past few years has been pretty intense, and I've learned some amazing things about myself. The big one is that I am responsible for the decisions I make, and I can choose to be bitter and resentful about a lot of stuff, or I can suck it up and change my perspective, and also how I feel about things, and take responsiblity for my own life. I also learned that I am a lot stronger than I thought I was!

My journey led me to study Art Therapy, which peeled away so many layers, years and years of 'stuff'which was holding me back. From there, yoga became a natural progression of my unfurling and shedding that which no longer served me. I am almost finished my Yoga Teacher Training, and it has been incredible and wonderful. I can't wait to get out into the world and inspire others.

Anyway, back to my story (sorry, I kind of veered off course there, didn't mean to) and what the picture above is all about. As I was in my dark place, and at home much of the time, I discovered a magical world that spoke to my inner child, and that inspired me with it's magic and creativity. That blog was Old Flowers 4 Me written by the whimsical Miss Jo. I have shared Jo's blog with you here before, and told you about how we came to meet. (The first time I met Jo, I felt as though I had just met a movie star, giggle).

Something began to awaken in me as I perused Jo's world, and I was truly inspired...she really does live her life out loud and in colour, dresses in her own style, decorates her home with her amazing collection of treasures, and is a beautifully, generous soul on top of it all. She believes in magic and adventures and making wishes come true.

Anyway, the delightful Miss Jo turned 50 last week, and I was lucky enough to receive an invitation in the post. Of course I got busy making my headpiece (Jo had asked that all the girls wore frocks, with flowers and feathers in their hair) and Ian and I took a little roadtrip to Fairy Cake Pond, where we enjoyed a magical night of dancing, decadent treats and Alice in Wonderland type fun. We sipped champagne and ate sweet treats, and talked by the fire into the wee hours of the morning. After having a swing with Jo, we snuck off to bed and were greeted the next morning with "hello, are you awake in there?"Miss Jo had brought us a tray with a pot of tea, two vintage cups and some musk stick lollies (who else but Miss Jo would bring musk sticks to stir our tea?)
I wish I had taken some more photos to show you - everyone looked so amazing. There were fairy lights strung about and chandeliers. We were even serenaded by a friend of Jo's who sang opera.
It really was such fun to dress up and let my inner child out to play. Thankyou divine Miss Jo for the gift of your friendship, and a wonderfully, whimsical night.


We never stop growing and evolving, and I am by no means perfect. Hell, some days I am a downright mess!  I am most definitely รก work in progress'. Friends and family sometimes ask me why do I blog? It is because of you, dear friends, and your wonderful little notes you leave, and also because sometimes, just sometimes, I may be lucky enough to inspire one or two of you. And I can tell you, that is a pretty amazing feeling.

It's such a big wide world out there, and sometimes we can feel so teeny, but this amazing internet has gifted me with some beautiful friends around the world. Kindred sisters x

My little post today just goes to show you that the connections we make on here, can indeed lead to connections in the 'real world'....and that's pretty special, don't you think?

Dream, Play, Dance, Dress-up, Have Tea Parties, Be Awesome, Create, Hug, but most importantly, BE YOU, cos YOU are amazing xxx