Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Wow, I didn't post anything for over a year! OK, so here's what I've been up to....there has been much dressing up and celebrating. Georgia and Abby turned 21 and 18 so we had lovely parties at home. It was also Abby's last year of high school! I turned 48 a couple of weeks before Christmas, and it just occurred to me on a walk the other day, that I can now officially say I will turn 50 next year! lol...bring it on, I say! Here's to a magical and adventurous 2015

 My niece Brittany also turned 21, so we had to have a girls' tea party with dress ups of course!

And lots of delicious food to eat...

Georgia turns 21!
Abby is 18

I'm still practising yoga...

We took a much needed family holiday to Bali 

Went wonderful places with beautiful friends...

Got creative...

Finished the year with a beautiful Christmas day with my family

So, that was my year in a nutshell - wow, time sure does fly by. Perhaps I shall not leave it so long to pop in here to say hi x


  1. Hello my magical friend..what a fantastic journey..seeing all of your beautiful are all so gorgeous and fun-spirited( wish I lived near you)..wonderful pictures of you all..very inspiring! So happy to reconnect...wishing you a most magical 2015 with lots of blessings and sparkles!

  2. Hi Kindred, just wishing you a beautiful July..I think of you often and am grateful for your friendship and all of the magic you have brought to my life! I wish you blessings always!

  3. Hello my friend..wishing you a gorgeous day! thanks for the beautiful message you left on my blog.! each time I visit/ revisit your amazing posts my soul feels like it has feasted on life and pure bliss...such a beautiful world you share and awesome pics!!
    hugs soul-sister

  4. decorate wedding room and organize wedding party - trang tri phong cuoi dep


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