Tuesday, September 04, 2012


What have I been up to? Well, let's see...we finally got some new chickens, and I upcycled an old chest of drawers into a nesting box. The ladies seem more than happy with this and have been gifting us with fresh eggs everyday!

So I have been baking up a storm! It's that time of year again where my girls celebrate their birthdays, so chocolate cake is definitely in order.

Ian and I have been on some adventures, stepping outside our little boxes, and experiencing new places...the girls are getting older, the times they are a-changing.

Pip is as adorable as ever...she really is the sweetest little girl, although she is a bit of a pudding at the moment. Our winter has been long and cold and I am afraid I have been a bit lazy walking her...I know, I am naughty. But thankfully, spring has arrived (not before time, I tell you!) and we have hit the pavements again.
I have been having fun on Instagram (you can follow me on Carousel Dreams if you like), so these photos are some I have been posting there. This one was taken the other night when we were out for dinner, and were lucky enough to order the dessert tasting plate...OMG! Can you tell how happy I am, lol?

Remember our annual street dinner party? Well, this time the theme was eighties, so of course I had to channel Madonna! Lots of fun...
Our favourite times are snuggling on the couch in our pyjamas in front of the fire...

I always like to make a big pot of chicken soup when the weather is lousy...extra good with noodles thrown in! So simple to make, and keeps the winter lurgies at bay. I just throw in chopped onion, carrot, celery, a free range chook and some water to cover with a couple of bay leaves and salt and pepper. I simmer it away for a couple of hours (which imbues the whole house with delicious smells), then toss in some noodles at the end, and maybe some Chinese veges such as bok choy - Voila!!! Healthy and yummy!

As I mentioned earlier, we just celebrated Georgia's 19th birthday (I know, I'm old!!!) We decided to have a picnic in front of the fire. It was so lovely and cosy, and as the light faded, I lit lots of candles, and we stayed here until late, making music and just chilling. It was so lovely. Next week is Abby's sweet 16 - I cannot believe how they are growing.

And I am nearing the end of my Yoga Teacher Training. It has been such an amazing journey for me. Truly, I cannot express how wonderful the yoga makes me feel...I so look forward to finishing my course so I can begin to teach others how to empower and heal themselves. It's been such an amazing year, this 2012 - big changes in the air. Can anyone else feel the magic?